How will a potential customer learn about a project? Marketing is the answer! It’s not just about advertising campaigns on Twitter or other socials, it’s a range of activities with one simple goal — to monetize meeting customers’ needs.

Marketing plan

Having put together the results of previous stages, we can start promotion, taking into account all the product specifics. We’ll come up with a detailed strategy, and start implementing it only after getting the green light from you.

Marketing includes:
Plan realization

We are fully responsible for realization of the strategy we’ve worked out. We negotiate with advertiser and influencers, run advertising campaigns, test offers and creatives. We care about our client’s budget, know real subscriber and advertising prices, and will manage your ad budget efficiently. All marketing activities are thought through and analyzed comprehensively, striving for maximum cost-efficiency.


The result is loyal customers for your product. Then, they end up in a community manager’s good hands, who will make their engagement benefit the project.

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