A concept development is half the battle!
Having a concept to fulfill is good, but it needs proper positioning, assessing relevance,
and doing a lot of tedious research. We’ll hear you out, evaluate the potential of your concept, and offer our options to realize your idea 101%.

Concept brief

Together, we’ll analyze the project, discuss all the development stages,
and work out the solution. Before the project is live, we’ll prepare a brief
with answers to these points:


People have a few senses, but 80% of input is visual. That’s why it’s a mistake to underestimate a project’s visual aspect. Apple, Coca-cola, M&Ms - what’s the first thing you are picturing when reading these names? It’s the visual details everybody recognizes. Based on a concept, we’ll help you make it visually appealing: from colour, shape, font to the general project brand design.


A relevant concept and recognizable design have to be in place before going to the next stage. They are like wheels and a body of a car, an engine alone won’t go anywhere :)

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