Done: the product, the inside and outside of it, the marketing strategy. Still, it can't do without the customers and community.
The chief idea is communication, sharing information, and the sense of being a part of something greater. That’s how a project communicates its vision and values to the users. A motivated customer, in turn, will contribute not only money, but more importantly, their time, engagement, skills, which are commodities the project benefits from.

Community building

People around the project are the most valuable asset, They are a source of content and free advertising. We’ve been doing it for a long time, and understand Web 3.0 audience’s psychology and profile, and we know what to do to build a community out of them.

Things to do at this stage:
Community management

A community manager is a leader of a pack, so to speak, a link between a project and its audience. They make a community out of user mass, lead it in the right direction, and turn newcomers into long-term members.

Community management includes:

As a result, you get a close-knit, wholesome, and loyal community. The audience is interested in the product, motivated to buy it and spread the word. Feedback, repeat purchases, activity, engagement, and UGC will become one of the most inexpensive and effective ways of promoting your business and what separates you from the competition.

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