We had been working on multiple projects with Waves for quite some time, so monitoring niche market became a second nature. The understanding that there were no NFT collections on this blockchain was more than enough to dive into it right away. Missing opportunities? There is no such thing in our vocabulary!


Waves, as a mature chain, has a rich and even an uncommon history. From state projects and enterprises to a popular duck farm game! That’s why we built our concept around the Waves landmarks and its place in the overall crypto chronicle. By the way, that’s the name we gave to our first NFT release on Waves. 

Development & Design

An NFT collection starts with a smart contract. We got it out of the way as quickly as possible, which allowed us to put much more time and effort in the visual language of the collection. We made a lot from scratch, filled it with easter eggs and tributes to pop culture and the crypto industry. We did our best to make every Punks holder feel the a-ha moment like in that DiCaprio meme. On top of that, the marketplace was up and running in a couple of days (despite announcing a month) because the Waves ecosystem needed one!


Developing a marketing strategy varies from project to project. The Waves community is warm and cozy, so we picked a strategy of attracting Waves fans and, to test our theory, we decided to hit the external audience via influence marketing. What did we get in the end? The collection was sold out like hot cakes in 9 hours. Yep, we can test theories all day!


Building a community goes hand in hand with marketing. As we’ve mentioned before, attracting the existing Waves community was the top priority. We utilized a range of activities, turning to guerilla marketing first for native promotion on Twitter (we are allergic to blunt shilling). Since the project suggested comprehensive lore, it required generating a plenty of content and engaging texts.

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