It was the heyday of the micro trend for free-to-minet collections. And again (sic!) nobody in the Waves ecosystem had done it yet. We were looking to get some fresh blood into the Waves community, and we did it with the flying colours! There were so many comments supporting the collection, it felt as if we were hit with a thunderstorm of puppy love.


The concept intertwines with the Waves Punks lore. Punkverse is the entire world with a comprehensive and complex history. Memaliens, who are natural-born jerks, are space invaders of some sort. We wanted to create as hilarious and badass collection as possible, based on us, the Waves team, and our community! Greetings 4rd-wall-break-Deadpool-jokes!

Development & Design

Since the purpose of the collection was generating buzz (MAKE SOME buzz y’all!), we took an existing contract and made our designer work his fingers to the bone literally. There was an awful lot of work to do! Everybody on the team contributed a handful of insanity. Layout, attributes, the looks! All this turned into a crazy party on the Waves blockchain. 5000 items were sold so fast that some of our team members were left Memalienless!


Wow! Everything went so smoothly that I want to punch us in the face. We spent a little on Twitter Ad, using well-made creatives that emanated the idea that a Memalien is a valuable prize. “Local media” aka word of mouth helped spread the message out! Oh, we started a drawing contest as well. It was nice, I still have some works of our Picassos on my office wall!


The response was amazing! New people started flowing in, we gifted custom Memaliens, and entertained the crowd better than 18 century France freak show did. (Nobody would dare to say they were not entertained). People put them as profile pictures, spread all over Telegram, the town was definitely painted red (at least for those who hadn’t sold all the paint to buy NFTs)

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