Those who have something to do with crypto must have heard that Bitcoin is digital gold. We interpreted it literally. Which presented a new challenge! Digital currency meant to have a form, which gave it a new spin!


It took us a while to create a balanced product. It was important to take the basic human desire to stand out into account, but in the Metaverse, and, at the same time, communicate a clear utility. Picture using Bentley as a means of commuting! Here is the deal, you turn your bitcoin (gold) and altcoins (gems) into an NFT jewelry piece, which you can rock in the Metaverse (look at me now), pawn it or flip higher due to the rarity of attributes!


The main difficulty we’d dealt with was the jewelry design for everybody, even for the picky folks out there. We wrote a smart contract for the NFT jewelry generation and built staking and borrowing functionality along the way. 

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